Very exciting mail this morning! Just received a (gratis) copy of John P. Burgess’ new book Philosophical Logic. Among other things it’s nice to have a good copy of a Burgess-written text on tense logic (or, as he calls it “Temporal Logic”) – my copy of his article “Basic Tense Logic” is the first chapter of my “course pack” of photocopies from his Heresies in Logic course at Princeton and all the pages are now loose and apt to disappear. Anyway, I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m confident it’s going to be a very strong candidate for the textbook when I teach philosophical logic next. Also it’s like $20 $14 in hardcover! I’m guessing there’ll be no better bargain this year.

My old grad school friend Antony Eagle also has a new book out, an edited collection of readings in the Philosophy of Probability. No doubt that would also make a good course book.