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March 17, 2005

House-Warming in the Blogosphere

I'm back from California and it has been interesting to track the ripples from the opening of this weblog. In my third post I wrote that a google search for "tonk" and "local reduction" returned only a multiple-choice exam for the Indian civil services, while one for "local reduction" and "deduction" returned sheaves of computer science lecture notes. CS guy pointed out yesterday that the same searches now return, in first place, my post, and Brian Weatherson's discussion of the post, respectively. (Of course, in the comments, Greg Restall pointed out that I needed to search for "normalization" all along, and Michael Kremer informed me that Dummett talks about it under the heading of "local peaks".) In addition (honour of honours) languagelog added me to their blogroll and I got a trackback from Greg and another from Richard Zach's logblog. If I can just make it through the week without being rude about anyone I might not regret adding my real name to this thing.

Posted by logican at March 17, 2005 4:18 AM

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